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 Check out our ETSY site with Indie's Favorite necklaces and our Birthday Party Packages:
And, our supply site on ETSY for Bottle Cap Craft Kits for Hobby or Business:

Indie's Favorite Bottle Cap Necklaces can also be found at

Peace Out!I wanna be a ROCK STAR!
Personalized Birthday Party Favors at www.BottleCapBirthdays.Etsy.comCrafting Kits for Home/Business at
Birthday Party Favors at       Craft Kits at

We'd love to create something to help you raise funds for your local cause (Sport Organization, School, Non-Profit), to offer personalized Birthday Party Favors, or to provide something extra special for your next Special Event! 

We are blessed to work with several school, sport, and community organizations on custom fundraising items.  We return a significant portion of the proceeds to the charity.  We also do birthday parties, craft camps, and special events/fundraisers.

Please email us to brainstorm ideas on how BottleCapCreations can help you with your community efforts or to design a look exclusively for your boutique.  And, please let us know if you'd like us to come out to your next event.  Send your comments and questions to

Loran Scrugg's One-of-a-Kind Bottle Cap Tin Whistles